What A Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County Will Do

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Law

When people are arrested for a crime, the first thing they need to do is find a Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County. Getting arrested, especially if is is a first arrest, can be overwhelming. People can be scared, confused, angry, desperate, worried, and embarrassed, all at the same time. They need a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure they fully understand all their rights, advise them regarding answering any questions, and make sure rights are not being violated. A lawyer will ask the accused questions regarding searches, circumstances of the arrest, and exactly what has occurred before the lawyer arrived.

That will give the Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County a starting point. If any searches were done without consent, motions can be filed to supress findings. If any statements were made prior to rights being read at the scene, more motions can be filed. The lawyer will advise the accused of how to answer questions, get full disclosure of the charges, and begin to build a defense case. Options will be discussed and a plan of action will be developed. The quicker a Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County is involved, the better the defense will be. There is a short window of opportunity to gather some essential information, such as photos and measurements of the scene, and statements from any witnesses. Witnesses are most helpful when the incident is freshest in their minds, so interviewing them as soon as possible is critical to a strong defense.

A Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County will also try to get charges decreased, like a felony down to a misdemeanor or a murder charge reduced to manslaughter, depending on the circumstances and intent. He will also attempt to get minor charges dropped entirely. He will investigate the case and prepare to defend the accused in court. That may include finding character witnesses, getting an independent expert to testify, and seeking any areas of discrepancy in reports, evidence handling, or procedures.

There are several qualified lawyers from which to choose, so ask about a lawyer’s experience in the type of crime allegedly committed and in the courtroom. The right lawyer can be the difference between going home and going to prison.

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