Tips on Writing an Effective Disability Appeals Letter

by | May 18, 2016 | Lawyers

The first step of filing an appeal for a denied disability claim is to write an appeals letter. This step is one of the most important parts of the appeals process because it sets the foundation four your entire argument. Therefore, it must be effective in its purpose. Following are some guidelines for writing an effective disability appeals letter.

The format for your appeals letter is important because it provides the first impression of you. The top of the letter should include the name of the Claimant and the Claimant’s Claim Number. Both of these pieces of information should be included so the Social Security Administration (SSA) knows which form it accompanies if they get separated.

The explanation
When you write the body of your letter, use language that is easy to understand. Avoid using complicated medical and technical terms that can be confusing. Be sure to include a complete description of your medical condition, the impairments the SSA evaluated, and the sources the SSA used to evaluate your claim. It should include medical sources such as doctor’s appointments as well as non-medical sources such as family members and social workers.

Missing information
Point out any information from the initial claim that is missing or incorrect. Make a specific point in your appeal letter to point out information that was either not considered, overlooked, or was missing that could help get your appeal approved. Make sure the information is as specific as possible.


Describe any mistakes in rationale
If the rationale for your denial included mistakes, they should be pointed out in your appeals letter.  Submit any evidence that proves explain the errors. Be sure to include medical records the SSA did not take into account, new medical records that show a decline in ability, statements from treating doctors, new test results, and other supporting documentation.

Follow instructions
Once your appeal letter is complete, follow all of the directions on how to submit your appeal exactly. Even the best-written letter will not reverse a denial if the accompanying application is not completed properly.

If your initial Social Security disability claim was denied and you wish to file an appeal, it is essential that you write an effective appeals letter. If you need assistance drafting an appeals letter, contact an SSI disability attorney in Cleveland Ohio. A qualified legal representative is your best ammunition for creating a letter that will get positive results.

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