Tips for Transferring a Vehicle Title

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Law

Used vehicles are able to be purchased at a number of places other than a car lot or dealership. There are many private sellers that advertise online and in newspapers. It is important to be careful when purchasing a vehicle from an unlicensed dealer to ensure that they are not trying to sell you a stolen or poorly running vehicle. Prior to purchasing you should have a qualified mechanic check out the engine and other vital components to ensure that it is in great working order. This will help you avoid wasting your money on a car that is going to need extensive repairs.

Prior to finalizing the deal and paying for the vehicle, you need to ensure you have all of the required paperwork to transfer the title for your vehicle. The items that you will need when you visit the licenses office in York, PA to transfer the title include:

Odometer Disclosure Statement

This statement must be completely and accurately filled out by the prior owner of the vehicle, as well as the individual purchasing the vehicle. There are some situations where this documentation will not be required, but it is important to check with the license office to be certain.

Ownership Release

The current owner of the vehicle must release their claim to ownership on the vehicle that you are going to purchase. This is achieved by signing the proper space on the vehicle title. Each person that is listed as an owner on the title must sign in while in the presence of a Notary public.

Lost Titles

If you are purchasing a used vehicle from a person that has lost the original title, you will have to request a duplicate copy. This is only able to be done in the same county where the vehicle title was originally received.

Bill of Sales Tax

If you plan to purchase the vehicle from a licensed dealership, then you will need to obtain a bill of sales tax for proper calculations. If you are purchasing the vehicle through a casual sale, then the bill of sale is not required; however, the total sale price has to be listed on the back side of the actual title.

When you visit the licensing office, then the workers there will help you in the actual title transfer process. In some cases, a penalty may be issued if the new owner does not change the title into their name within a 30 day period. Once the vehicles successfully registered, you have to acquire the new license plates for your vehicle.

If you need a title transferred for a vehicle you plan to purchase, visit a service offering Licenses in York, PA, such as Abel Notary Service LLC.



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