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Things to Remember When Looking for a DWI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX

When a person faces DWI charges, they may wonder how to deal with the issue. Many drivers mistakenly assume that DWIs are traffic offenses when they are actually crimes. All litigation is handled by the state’s criminal courts, and drivers are charged with misdemeanors or even felonies. Below are a few things to consider when facing charges for DWI in Texas.

It May Be Hard to Find a Good Attorney

Trying to find a DWI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX may be hard, particularly for first-time offenders. If this is the client’s first DWI, they may go it alone, but an effective attorney can help them navigate the legal system and attempt to get a plea deal. However, for second and subsequent offenses, it’s best to work with an attorney. Look for a firm that focuses on DWI cases and meet with several attorneys before making a selection.

Decide How to Pay Fines and Legal Fees

When a person is charged with DWI they face two costs: legal fees and court fines, and it’s important to prepare for both. Fines in the state may be up to $10,000, and if a driver cannot pay, they may go to jail. Reach out to family and friends for help if possible. If legal fees are a concern, talk to the attorney about costs from the beginning, or consider a protection plan that offers legal assistance at a reduced cost.

Investigate the Case and State Law

It’s also important to ensure that the charges are justified. DWI charges are typically irrefutable, but if an attorney can find a loophole or prove unfair treatment, it may be possible to counter the charges. A client’s best chance of contesting a DWI is to partner with an attorney who focuses on these cases.

Things to Remember

The most important thing to consider is that once charges are filed, a client is considered a criminal according to state law. Therefore, it’s important to find a defense and prepare for it as quickly as possible. DWIs are serious offenses, but with preparedness, professionalism, and the help of a DWI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX, it’s possible to get through the case relatively unscathed. Call the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. today to schedule a consultation. Like us on Facebook.

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