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These Chicago Lawyers Know Diesel Injury Law

Workers who spend a lot of time around diesel exhaust fumes risk exposing themselves to many kinds of serious illnesses. Railroad workers, truck drivers, firemen, oilfield workers, mechanics–these men and women endure dangerous conditions to keep America moving. All too often, a lifetime of hard work leads to a diagnosis of cancer.

Lawyers with In-Depth Knowledge

It isn’t widely known that kidney cancer can be caused by regular exposure to diesel exhaust fumes. While almost any personal injury lawyer could provide some help, it is really best to consult a specialized kidney cancer lawyer. The situation calls for an attorney with in-depth knowledge of diesel fume exhaust injuries; a lawyer who can build the most persuasive case and secure the fairest settlement. He or she will already have a network of medical specialists and expert witnesses to consult.

The Client Pays no Fees

Kidney cancer lawyers, as well as other personal injury lawyers, normally work on what is called a contingency basis. That means that the client does not pay any fees. The lawyer’s payment is a portion of the settlement, if there is one. People of ordinary means can get expert legal representation.

The Right Firm for the Job

Fortunately, there is a firm of lawyers in the Midwest who are diesel exhaust/ kidney cancer lawyers. Their firm is located in Chicago but can represent clients in many other states. If you are a kidney cancer patient who has been exposed to diesel exhaust, call Diesel Injury Law.

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