The Challenge of Locating the Best Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Lawyers

Accidents can, and do, happen to even the most cautious among us. The cause of the accident can be almost anything from an unmarked wet floor, to a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol; it could be the result of an equipment operator losing focus for a moment, or a physician whose treatment falls below the standard of care, but whatever the root cause may be, in order to receive the maximum compensation you are due, you will require the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.

When you are seeking the Best Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania to represent you, that can be a challenge. There are many yardsticks which can be used to determine the efficacy of an attorney; and it will also depend on the area of law for which you need legal representation; you don’t need a top-flight criminal defense attorney if you are dealing with a slip and fall accident. What you will need is an attorney who will represent you and your interests while protecting your rights.

The process will begin with a free consultation where you can give your account of the facts, and your attorney will determine if you have legitimate case, and if so, how best to proceed. Your attorney will keep you in the loop through every step of the process and will make himself available when you have any questions or concerns. The compensation which your attorney will be tenaciously pursuing will include not only any medical expenses you have incurred, but compensation for your pain and suffering, required therapy, prescribed medical equipment, and any services such as nurses or caregivers. You may also be entitled to lost wages or even compensation for diminished earning capacity if your injuries are serious enough.

While your attorney and his team work diligently to build your case, he will also be attempting to negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom. The idea is that, if the opposing side understands that your attorney is well-prepared to go to trial, they may be more likely to negotiate in good faith to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Finding the Best Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania is really more of a case of locating the right attorney to fit your current needs and the attorneys at Swartz Culleton, PC will do everything in their power to achieve a result that is favorable to you.


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