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Steps To Take Before Contacting Your Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are frequent in the Tampa area, as in other cities around the state and around the country. The beautiful year-round weather here means bikes are on the road 365 days a year, so we often have a total higher rate of these types of accidents than other states where winter conditions keep motorcycles parked for months at a time.

Unfortunately, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, there is often significant damage to property and a much higher risk of injury to the rider. It is also very common for the driver of the vehicle to blame the motorcyclist, so taking care at the scene of the accident and immediately afterward is important.

At the Accident

Before calling your motorcycle accident attorney, your first step is to make sure you are uninjured and don’t need medical attention and all others involved in the crash, including bystanders, are also unhurt.

If there are injuries, immediately call 911 before any other actions. Do not leave the scene of the accident to go to the hospital or for any other reasons until the first responders and the police arrive. If you do leave, you may be charged with hit and run and your account of the accident will not be on the record.

Get Information

If there are no serious injuries, it is still important to call 911 and request police. At this time, you should also get the drivers license numbers, contact information and insurance information from all drivers involved.

Take pictures of the accident, including the position of the vehicles before they are moved. It is also helpful to take pictures of anything unusual in the surrounding area that may have contributed to the crash such as problems with the road, lane closures or other issues.

Next Steps

You will need to contact your insurance company and report the accident. You should not immediately repair your bike as all of the damages will need to be documented by the insurance company.

Do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company until you have retained a motorcycle accident attorney. These interviews are designed to ask questions to determine if you are at fault, which then reduces their need to pay out on the claim.

In Tampa, it is critical to have a motorcycle accident attorney on board after an accident, particularly if there are injuries or significant damage. Talking to an attorney for a free consultation can help you better understand the importance of experienced representation to get your fair settlement.

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