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Should I Talk With a Bankruptcy Attorney? The Answer Could Be Yes!

If you’re in a position where you can no longer keep up with your debt, now may be the right time to call a bankruptcy attorney in Pasco County and arrange for a consultation. A discussion with a bankruptcy attorney can help you decide if filing is right for you.

What are some of the reasons you might consider filing for bankruptcy?

Your Creditors Are Unwilling to Work with You

You’ve already tried to come up with alternative payment arrangements with your creditors. Unfortunately, the effort got you nowhere. Either they wanted a settlement you could not afford or they would not budge an inch. At this point, you either seek bankruptcy protection or they will likely file suit and seek to garnish your wages.

You Tried a Debt Management Company and the Effort Failed

Debt management companies seem like a wonderful idea, especially when the amount you pay to them each month is reasonable.

The only thing is that creditors do not have to accept the terms that those agencies offer, which means if they reject the payment offer they can still come after you. If a debt management plan isn’t working, contact a bankruptcy attorney in Pasco County to find out what you can do for you at this point.

You Feel as If Your Employment Is in Jeopardy

The collection calls aren’t just happening coming into your personal phone. Some of your creditors are calling you at work and it’s beginning to be noticed by the boss.

This is embarrassing and could affect how co-workers and others in your company perceive you.

If this sounds familiar, now is the time to contact a bankruptcy attorney in Pasco County and find out if filing is right for you. If you file, those collection calls will stop in the days after the attorney files the petition with the court.

Now is the time to begin making decisions that turn your financial situation in a different direction. Call today and schedule that consultation.

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