Reviewing Your Rights with a Tenant Rights Lawyer in Chicago

by | May 4, 2018 | Real Estate Attorney

In Illinois, property owners must comply with tenant and landlord laws when offering a rental property. The laws require the property owners to follow strict laws pertaining to the property itself and the tenant’s rights. A tenant rights lawyer in Chicago assists tenants after their rights are violated.

Building Code Compliance

The rental property owner must maintain the property according to state building codes. Laws prevent property owners from renting out properties that aren’t up to code. The slumlord laws require the property owner to have the property inspected regularly for violations. The owner must also perform maintenance and repairs when the tenant reports an issue.

Fair and Reasonable Rent Rates

The property owner must charge fair and reasonable rental rates. A market analysis is conducted to identify the rental price for a property in the same location. If the property owner is charged excessive rates, they are in violation of landlord and tenant laws. The only exceptions are properties that include exclusive amenities that aren’t available at similar properties.

The Eviction Process

The eviction process requires the property owner to provide a formal notice. The landlord must provide a period of at least thirty days for the tenant to vacate the property. They must also provide the tenant with ample time to catch up any overdue rental payments. A grace period is included in the lease for late payments. Typically, the grace period is about five days, after which, the landlord applies late charges. Eviction laws also prevent the landlord from locking the tenant out of the property.

The Right to Privacy

Tenants have the right to privacy at all times. The landlord cannot enter the property without providing advanced notice. It is unlawful for the landlord to violate the tenant’s right to privacy.

In Illinois, property owners must provide a lease that explains all requirements clearly. With the lease agreement, tenants are entitled to a property that meets all building codes. The owner must also provide fair rental rates and perform repairs as needed. Tenants who need to hire a tenant rights lawyer in Chicago can contact Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells for an appointment right now. Like us on Facebook.

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