Protecting Employees’ Rights Through Labor Law Attorneys in Northampton, MA

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Lawyers

The state of Massachusetts enforces all labor laws as identified by the U.S. Department of Labor. Among these laws are those to protect employees from unethical employers. These laws are in place to ensure that employers acquire their full pay and that their rights are protected.

Modification of Time Sheets

In select industries, managers acquire bonuses for reducing the impact of labor. This indicates that they must reduce the amount of hours in which each employee works to fit within the total number of hours outlined. The purpose is to reduce the probability of overtime for these employees.

By reducing overtime, the manager could increase their bonus. For this reason, they may alter time sheets to indicate that the employees didn’t work overtime. Employees who have discovered a trend in which the hours they worked were reduced on time sheets should contact labor law attorneys in Northampton, MA.

Recovering Funds Through Employees

In the retail industry, employers decrease their expenses by deducting lost funds from employee paychecks. When these retailers receive a bad check for a large amount, they alter their policy. Through this new policy, they justify the deduction from the cashier’s wages that accepted the check. However, all retailers have check reading machines that determine if the customer had any checks returned. When the reader doesn’t indicate that the cashier should decline the check, it isn’t their fault. Visit website for more details.

The standard procedure for recovery is to contact an attorney or recovery service to file a claim against the customer. Since this results in fees, these employers make attempts to avoid the proper legal action. Instead, they recover the funds through the employee who loses wages for the actions of an unethical customer.

Employee rights are protected by the U.S. Department of Labor. This includes protection against unethical employers who take advantage of employees who aren’t familiar with these laws. Employees who experience these unjustified actions should discuss their case with an attorney to help them to uphold their rights. To begin the fight against wrongful employers, contact labor law attorneys in Northampton, MA at Connor, Morneau & Olin today.

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