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Obtaining Reasonable Financial Compensation With the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL

A Car Accident Lawyer in Winnebago County IL assists clients after they have been seriously hurt and are not receiving the settlement offer they deserve. Injury attorneys work hard to make sure these individuals are paid fair compensation after an accident has left them with medical expenses and the need to take time off work to recover.

Legal Fees

Typically, a Car Accident Lawyer in Winnebago County IL does not charge any upfront fees, as clients may otherwise not be able to afford an attorney. Instead, the lawyer accepts a portion of the settlement after the case is completed. That amount is agreed to ahead of time by the client. One-third of the settlement is a standard amount. For this reason, it only makes sense for a person to hire an injury lawyer if there is a substantial difference between a reasonable settlement amount and a lower number offered by the insurer.

Settlement vs. Lawsuit

An accident lawyer usually does not file a lawsuit except in relatively extreme circumstances. Being able to settle out of court is almost always favorable for the plaintiff as, otherwise, it could take a very long time to receive any money. In addition, there is no guarantee a jury and judge will side with the plaintiff.

There are exceptions to this general rule of thumb. For example, a person who has suffered a severe injury that will have lifetime consequences should have the case heard in court if the insurer is being unfair. These consequences include functional impairment as well as cosmetic issues. A person paralyzed after an accident will likely want his or her day in court as will someone who suffered disfiguring third-degree burns.

Free Consultations

Attorneys with an organization such as The Koch Law Firm provide free initial consultations for people who have been injured in vehicle accidents and want to learn their rights in the case. The lawyer evaluates the case after listening to the information from the person and offers an honest assessment. Sometimes, the settlement offer seems low but actually is reasonable. In other instances, previous case history verifies the person deserves a larger amount. Know more about us by visiting the website.

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