Obtaining And Using Mediation Services In Woodland Hills, California

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

You have been in a dispute with your next-door neighbor for years. They refuse to trim any of their trees that hang over to your backyard. You have tried a number of things to convince them to comply with your request. You have asked nicely, resorting to using your grandkids to help you convince them, and even offered to pay for a part of the cost. All this has been to no avail. The branches still hang over your yard, taking away valuable space in that area.

You believe that it is now time to take the next step. You decide that you want to hire a mediator. While this type of attorney will usually remain neutral, you believe that this is a slam-and-shut case and that mediation will finally settle this issue. You have endured this for far too long.

For this purpose, you want to hire a family law mediator in Woodland Hills, CA. While your attorneys specialize in family law, civil complaints are within their expertise as well.

You would like the family law mediators in Woodland Hills, CA to have vast experience in all types of mediation. This way should a dispute call for mediation in other areas will be easier because you are already familiar with the lawyers in the firm that you eventually hire.

To engage a law firm with mediation experience who will be there for you should you need them for a pending family law issue as well, reach out to the Karagozian & Rudolph, PC Firm at https://krlawyers.com/.

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