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Missouri Lemon Law Lawyers for Nonconforming Vehicle Claims and Lawsuits

The Missouri New Vehicle Warranty Law is more commonly known as the Missouri lemon law. It operates to protect buyers of new vehicles by compelling enforcement of a manufacturer’s express warranty. The statute doesn’t apply to used vehicles.

Covered Vehicles

As per Missouri’s lemon law, any new vehicle with a warranty that is sold or leased is contemplated by the statute. Commercial, off-road vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and certain parts of recreational vehicles are exempted. Even demos and lease-purchase vehicles are covered if there is a manufacturer’s warranty as part of the deal.

The Manufacturer’s Duty to Repair

If the purchaser of a new vehicle contemplated by the statute experiences any condition that diminishes the use, market value or safety of the vehicle purchased during the applicable warranty period, what’s known as a nonconformity exists. Both the manufacturer and dealer should be put on notice of the nonconformity by certified mail, return receipt requested. Notice can be sent anytime before the warranty expires. Upon proper notification, the dealer is required to make the repairs necessary to conform the vehicle to its warranty.

Attempts to Repair

After proper notification, the manufacturer is allowed a reasonable number of attempts to repair the nonconformity. Four attempts have been determined to be reasonable. Down time of 30 business days or more of the vehicle for a nonconformity might also be sufficient to trigger the duty to repair. If the vehicle isn’t repaired under either one of these time frames, a duty is triggered for the manufacturer to either repurchase or replace the vehicle.

Defenses to Missouri’s New Vehicle Warranty Law exist. If you have purchased a new vehicle that continues having problems, Missouri has one of the better lemon laws in the country. Contact a Missouri lemon law lawyer from Lemon Law America by calling us, or by using our easy contact form at online to arrange for a free consultation. The Missouri legislature has placed strict time constraints on nonconforming vehicle claims and lawsuits, so contact us right away.

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