Know Where to Go If You Suffer from Toxic Exposure on the Job in Chicago

by | May 27, 2022 | Law

Exposure to a toxic substance is a frightening experience. Such exposures to substances like benzene can lead to different forms of leukemia. If this happened to you, you would have enough on your mind about treatment, medical bills, lost wages, and what the future holds to worry about dealing with insurance companies. Have you been diagnosed with cancer most often caused by toxic exposure? Even if your exposure was years ago, the effects of that exposure may just now be manifesting.

Who Is Usually Affected by Exposure to Toxic Substances?

Many jobs are exposed to environments containing toxic substances. Some of those may include:

  • Laboratory workers
  • Printers and painters
  • Railroad workers
  • And many, many more

Often, the jobs involve exposure to substances like benzene due to the job requirement. The best way to know if your leukemia is due to toxic exposure is to meet with toxic exposure lawyers skilled and knowledgeable in toxic exposure law. Click the link below to discover more about those attorneys.

Who Is Responsible for Your Exposure?

Typically, a few parties are responsible for your exposure to the toxins that caused your illness. Those possible defendants may include:

  • Property owners where you were exposed to benzene
  • The manufacturers of the benzene-containing products that caused your illness
  • Past employers
  • And more

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