Is the Time Right to Hire a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Gonzales, LA?

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Lawyers Site

When a person has been injured at a restaurant, a retail store or even in a car accident, there are times when compensation doesn’t come when it should. Some issues can be easily overcome, but others may require the services of a personal injury law attorney in Gonzales, LA.

Avoid Delays

Not every accident requires legal representation, but there are many situations where a person seeking compensation following their injuries could benefit a great deal from having an attorney. In many instances, an insurance company will try to draw things out and delay it as much as possible. There is statute of limitations on filing a lawsuit regarding personal injury, and many at- fault parties and insurance companies will try as best as possible to delay until the statute of limitations has been exceeded.

Help in Negotiations

The other thing to consider is that not every personal injury case goes to court. In fact, most are settled at the negotiating table. However, at-fault parties and insurance companies have skilled individuals that negotiate these issues for a living. They are very adept at taking advantage of people who aren’t savvy to the negotiation process and getting them to agree to take less compensation than what is truly deserved. Having an attorney who understands negotiations and can improve the chances of getting a more equitable settlement.

Stress Relievers

In some cases, simply speaking with representatives from the at-fault party or the representing insurance company can be extremely frustrating. Often, when a person hires a personal injury law attorney in Gonzales, LA, that attorney will handle all discussions with representatives for a company or an insurance company. This takes a great deal of stress and the burden of dealing with these issues off of the person that has been injured.

If you’re getting the feeling that the people responsible for your injuries or the insurance company that represents them is trying to slow things down, or they may be offering compensation that you feel is less than what you deserve, it may be time to visit us. A personal injury attorney can get all of the details, determine if you need to move forward with legal action and, most importantly, they can represent you properly in whatever way the case plays out.

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