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Is it Medical Malpractice? A Medication Error Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA Will Find Out

Medical malpractice cases aren’t as common as other types of cases because of the protection of doctors and because they’re notoriously difficult to prove. An experienced Medication Error Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA, however, can easily spot whether a case could be medical malpractice and determine how likely it is their client can obtain compensation for the injury. There is a lot they need to review to determine if a case might fall under medical malpractice.

Why is the Medication Wrong?

Just because a medication isn’t typically prescribed for what the patient needs doesn’t mean it’s the wrong medication. Many medications have benefits beyond what they’re typically used for. In these cases, even though it might not be what the patient considers the correct medication, it might be what the doctor prescribed for a reason. In this case, even though the patient might feel it’s the wrong medication, it’s not an error, and there is likely no case.

Did Anything Occur as a Result of the Wrong Medication?

If the wrong medication is prescribed, did something happen as a result? Typically, the person may become ill because they did not have the medication they needed or they simply do not get better until the mistake is discovered and corrected. It’s also possible for the patient to suffer serious complications because the medication is not the right one. For the patient to have a case, they need to show they financially suffered as a result, usually by showing higher medical bills than they would have needed.

Would Another Doctor Have Made the Same Mistake?

Even if the doctor made a mistake and the person suffered financial damages. As a result, it still might not fall under medical malpractice. This happens when the mistake is a common error or could be made by any doctor. This portion is a little more difficult to prove, but to be successful, the case needs to show that the typical doctor would not have made the same mistake.

If you were prescribed the wrong medication, make sure you speak with a Medication Error Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA for a consultation. They can review your case to determine if it falls under medical malpractice and if you’re able to sue for compensation. Get more information to get started today.

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