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Information to Gather After Being Arrested for a DWI in Houston

After being arrested for a DWI, it is easy to feel scared and uncertain about the future. While this may be your first time going through this situation, you can turn to professionals who have handled situations like yours hundreds of times. Here are a few things you should do while working with a DWI defense attorney in Houston.

Don’t speak to the police after they have arrested you. Even if you feel like you can explain your way out of the situation, they are not likely to believe anything you say since the handcuffs are already on. You must get in contact with a DWI defense attorney in Houston before saying anything else.

The attorney will recommend that you record exactly what happened when you were arrested. You can make a voice memo or write down events on a piece of paper. You should record things like why the police pulled you over if they asked you to perform a field sobriety test, which test they used if they asked you to make a statement after you were arrested, and other details. Jot down anyone who was around at the time.

Gather all evidence that could be beneficial for you. For example, you may have the receipt from the restaurant or bar you left. There may be security cameras along the route you drove. All these things could be helpful to your lawyer.

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