Information on Filing for Social Security in New Iberia LA

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Lawyers

Those who are unable to work because of physical or mental conditions have the right to receive Social Security Benefits to provide for their cost of living and medical care. When people become disabled, they need to work as quickly as possible so they can file for their disability benefits. Unfortunately, a process that is meant to be straightforward is not always easy to go through. Many people are confused on how to fill out their paperwork, what information to provide, and what to do if they receive a denial. Those who are filing for Social Security in New Iberia LA need to be aware of how a lawyer can help them in their pursuit.

When a person first files for Social Security in New Iberia LA, they will be asked to supply information on their medical condition and have at least two doctors state they are fully and permanently disabled. The information needs to be filed correctly and with all of the information that has been asked for. Unfortunately, minor mistakes can cause big delays and prevent a person from being able to receive the benefits they need. Working with a lawyer will make the process of filing for Social Security much easier. A lawyer can assist a disabled person in filling out and filing their paperwork so they can be sure all of the steps are taken care of.

In can take a couple of months or more for a person to hear back about their file. If a person is denied, this does not mean they are not entitled to disability benefits. A denial simply means the person has a right to appeal the decision in a hearing carried out before an administrative law judge. It is especially beneficial for a person to have a lawyer when they need to appeal.

If you have become permanently disabled physically or mentally, you have the right to receive disability benefits as long as you meet the requirements. For more information on hiring a lawyer to help you, visit This site will give you the information you need so you can get started on the process.

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