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Important Questions to Ask When Filing an SSD Case in Alabama

Hiring legal representation for your SSD case could greatly improve the chance that you will have a successful outcome. Making sure you hire an experienced lawyer who is willing to go the extra mile is very important. During an SSD lawyer consultation in Alabama is a good time to find out.

Typically, you will get a free consultation where the lawyer explains the disability process. They will ask questions about your work history and medical conditions. This is also the perfect time for you to ask questions.

While there are many questions that you may have, here are three important ones to include on your list.

Does the Lawyer Specialize in Disability Law?

Because disability law is a highly specialized field, a general practitioner cannot adequately represent your case. You need a lawyer that can focus on the specifics of how the law applies to your case.

Does Your Case Qualify for an On-the-Record (OTR) Request?

An SSD lawyer consultation in Alabama may reveal an overwhelming amount of evidence proving your disability. If the lawyer considers drafting an OTR request, the judge might approve your case without having a hearing.

How Will the Lawyer Prepare for a Hearing?

Attending an SSD hearing can be a stressful experience. Planning sessions are chances to get prepared so you can feel more confident.

Schedule Your SSD Consultation Today

If you want help with securing the benefits you deserve, schedule an SSD lawyer consultation in Alabama with the Lemoine Law Firm. Contact us today.

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