Illinois Disability Claim Denial Attorneys Can Assist Fibromyalgia Patients

by | May 29, 2023 | Lawyers

The Social Security Administration (SSA) often denies disability applications from fibromyalgia patients. There are several reasons this can happen, ranging from issues that affect many claims in general to specifics regarding fibromyalgia. A person whose application was not approved may want to hire an Illinois disability claim denial attorney to help file an appeal.

Relevant Statistics

The Administration actually denies around 60% of all applications for Social Security Disability Insurance. A certain percentage of claims are approved upon appeal. Working with an Illinois disability claim denial attorney can boost the chances of approval.

General Reasons

Common general reasons for claim denial include the paperwork that was filled out incorrectly or did not contain all the information required. Another frequent reason for denial is not providing enough verification that the person’s condition will prevent working full-time for a year or longer.

About Medical Syndromes

Some reasons are more specific to the particular disorder, though. Regarding fibromyalgia, the diagnosis is not made with evidence like blood tests and imaging. Instead, doctors may diagnose the condition when patients report a combination of certain symptoms, and medical tests rule out other possibilities.

Disorders diagnosed through a combination of symptoms are known as syndromes. SSA agents may view this as problematic because fibromyalgia symptoms are subjective and essentially invisible. Healthcare professionals cannot see a patient’s muscle pain, fatigue, and brain fog. The lack of objective medical evidence makes it difficult for Administration representatives to assess the claimant’s ability to work.

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