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How You Can Tell if You Qualify for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Many employees are confused about what constitutes a sexual harassment case. Therefore, a lot of people don’t come forth. These are three qualities that make an incident eligible as a sexual harassment situation.

You Are Offended by It

If a comment or action offends you, then it has a high probability of being classified as sexual harassment. A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Redondo Beach, CA, might even be able to help you if the comment or action offended someone else who witnessed it.

It’s of a Sexual Nature

The behavior has to be of a sexual nature to be classified as sexual harassment. It could be a sexual joke, a risque picture, a gesture or something else. If it has anything to do with sex, it might fall under the sexual harassment umbrella.

You Have Asked the Person to Stop

A Sexual Harassment Attorney in Redondo Beach, CA, has a good chance of helping you if you have tried your best to communicate with the offender that you didn’t want him or her to continue the behavior.

Another important note is the unwanted sexual conduct must be severe or pervasive. This requirement is necessary to have a chance at winning a sexual harassment case.

Now there are 2 types of cases: sexual harassment based on a “hostile work environment,” and “quid pro quo” sexual harassment based on some sort of illicit exchange — for example, a demand for sex for a promotion, or a raise, or a job, and so on.

If any of the above three things are correct, then your chances are good for getting help. You might be entitled to compensation or some other type of relief for the trauma you had to go through because of sexual harassment. The best thing for you to do is to contact a reliable attorney and set up a consultation.

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