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How Intoxication Changes Everything After An Accident

Drivers in Virginia who are convicted of DUI receive penalties based on several contributing factors. The first is the blood-alcohol content, which could range between 0.08 to 0.15 percent without additional charges. The next factor is if an accident occurred due to Intoxication and whether or not a fatality resulted from this event. And lastly, the passengers present in the vehicle of the accused are reviewed.

Further Conditions That Apply

The charges increase if the blood-alcohol content is higher than 0.15 percent. This reading requires a charge of aggravated DUI. It could increase the penalty by at least five days for a first offence. A second aggravated DUI conviction requires ten extra days added to the standard penalty. All DUI convictions beyond the first offence also incurs an additional $500 increase in the fine.

Accidents and DUI Charges

Drivers who incur a DUI charge after an accident with fatality occurs face dual penalties. The judge could convict them on both charges. With a first offence DUI, the driver could incur a driver’s license suspension for up to one year. The fines range up to $300. The court assigns restitution, and the DMV could charge an administrative fee. The driver incurs the cost of an ignition interlock device and alcohol safety school fees.

However, with an involuntary manslaughter charge, the accused is facing a maximum of twenty years in prison, seizure of your vehicle, and possibly a life-long revocation of their license. When these charges are linked together, the penalties could be doubled by the judge. The level of Intoxication is often a significant factor in these decisions.

With dual charges, including DUI, drivers could face serious penalties, which could change their lives forever. If they cause an accident with fatality, they could go to prison and lose their license indefinitely. Commercial drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated could lose their CDL for the rest of their lives. These individuals could also face civil cases in conjunction with their criminal cases. If you’re facing any of these related charges, you should hire a criminal attorney immediately to build a defence case.

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