How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Assist You with Student Loans

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Lawyer

Do you have an excessive amount of money owed in student loans? Are you having trouble repaying the money you borrowed to obtain a college education?

There are more than 37 million people in America with outstanding student loans they are trying to pay off. Of all the money owed for college education, 15% of the loans are in default, so if you’ve fallen behind you are not alone.

Individuals with outstanding student loans find it a challenge to repay their debt and also afford their living expenses. This places financial pressure on the person and can affect their credit score.

Fortunately, a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Petersburg FL can assist you in finding the relief that you need.

Reduced Payments or Loan Forgiveness

Whether you are in default with your student loan or unable to make the required payments, a bankruptcy lawyer in St. Petersburg, FL has the knowledge and experience required to find a solution.

They can help you consolidate multiple loans or work with the financial institution to have your payments reduced to a more affordable repayment plan. In some cases, an attorney can even assist you in obtaining loan forgiveness that would erase the debt that you cannot afford to repay.

With a lawyer’s valuable services, you can eliminate unwanted stress and improve your credit score.

Find Relief Today!

The Law Office of Robert M. Geller is ready to assist you in finding a solution for your student loan debt.

A skilled team of attorneys with years of experience in bankruptcy and debt relief options can provide the guidance you need. They will consult with you to learn about your financial problems and devise a plan that benefits you. You do not have to remain in default or deal with the constant harassment from debt collectors when you turn to their trusted attorneys.

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