Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Attorney

Hiring a lawyer to assist you with filing for bankruptcy could be extremely difficult, especially because you are already experiencing financial hardships and the lawyer will also need to be paid. However, you may end up saving more in the long run. A single mistake in filing for bankruptcy could lead to grave consequences. Besides, hiring an attorney may just save you from being harassed by debt collectors. There are more benefits to be derived from hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, some of which are discussed below.

Legal expertise

Having dealt with numerous situations that are similar to your own, a bankruptcy lawyer will be in a better position to deal with the legal complexities of bankruptcy law. For instance, if your bankruptcy filing does not follow federal bankruptcy rules, it may get thrown out. However, a trained lawyer will possess the relevant knowledge on filing, thus preventing mistakes from occurring, which may cause loss of assets or even dismissal of the entire case. Besides, the lawyer will help you with proper handling of the required paperwork, including completion of precise petitions and forms within the defined schedules.

Familiarity with court procedures

A bankruptcy attorney will be familiar with the adjudication procedures including the filing process. He/she is aware of the required documents and when to present them, as well as being familiar with the judges and knowing what exactly the judge will require from him/her. Hiring an attorney who knows the exact information the court will be looking for can be of great help. Besides, the attorney will know what to do in case the creditors challenge the petition or the suggested payment plan.

Avoiding stress

Having to directly deal with creditors can be emotional draining. By acting as a mediator as well as tackling debts on your behalf, an attorney will relieve you some of the emotional burden that comes with going through a bankruptcy. In addition, an attorney may help you reach a repayment agreement with your creditors while filing the bankruptcy proceedings. This may hasten the proceedings, ensuring that you get your freedom from debts expediently.

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