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Has Your Loved One Suffered from Nursing Home Abuse, Get a Lawyer in Joliet

Americans are living their lives to the fullest. The average age at the time of death in 1960 was 70 years of age, but now that number has climbed up to 78 years. With the average age at the time of death steadily increasing over time, more and more facilities are opening to meet the needs of the elderly. These facilities range from assisted living quarters to nursing homes. While nursing homes need to be certified to receive government funding and operate, there are still millions of cases of nursing home abuse brought forth to the courts.

Nursing Home Laws

Laws that can be related to combat nursing home abuse don’t only cover physical injury and death. Nursing home abuse can be done in many more subtle ways, including but not exclusively, dehydration, abandonment, over-sedation, sexual assault, and just overall poor quality of medical care and attention. Regardless of whether the abuse was a one-time occurrence or has happened consistently over a long period, there’s no need to accept it for what it is. You’re entitled to get your rights fulfilled in court.

How to Get Help

If you or a loved has suffered from nursing home abuse in Joliet, there’s still hope to get the help and compensation you’re entitled to. Getting a lawyer is the first step in getting your voice heard and won your case. Lawyers have studied the process of the courts for many years, and know the ins and outs of laws. They’re professionally qualified to win your case, and have a much better chance of getting you the compensation you deserve, compared to if you fight your case yourself. Give yourself the best chance of success by hiring a good lawyer.

Have you or your loved one suffered from nursing home abuse? Hire a certified lawyer from Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. in Joliet at

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