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Haltom City Bail Bonds Help Addicted Defendants Enter Rehab

When a young adult who is addicted to opioids is arrested and charged with a crime, the parents and other immediate family members may feel conflicted about whether to pay bail for release. If they do decide to secure a pretrial release for this person, they can apply for Haltom City bail bonds if cash bail is too expensive.

Drug Rehab

This moment actually can be an ideal chance to convince the young adult to enter a drug rehabilitation facility. There, he or she can detox safely. Spending time as an inpatient in rehab also will make a positive impression on the court. Contact us today
if you need assistance in helping your loved one be released from jail.

Typical Offenses

This person may have been charged with drug possession, but other crimes are relatively common among opioid addicts. Burglary and robbery are examples since these individuals need cash to support their habit. With Haltom City bail bonds, you can post a bond allowing the defendant to be released and, hopefully, go straight to rehab. Contact us today to start an application.

A Life Preserver

Parents and siblings may worry that this individual may rebel against the idea of rehab or that the program will not be effective if an addict is forced to go. However, many of these individuals are very grateful for the intervention and view the opportunity as a life preserver ring to grab onto. Assistance with pretrial release is available from Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds – Tarrant County – Fort Worth, with forms provided at

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