Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer That Speaks Polish in a Major City

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Law

When you barely understand English and you are living in a major city like Chicago, it becomes quite a challenge to find a personal injury lawyer that can speak your language. A Chicago auto accident lawyer can only be found at the best personal injury law firms in the city. The same holds true for any major city in the U.S. If you do need a Chicago auto accident lawyer, here’s how to find one.

Look for Firms That State They Have Bilingual Lawyers

It may take some work, but you can find law firms that promote the fact that their lawyers speak more than one language. It’s not always Polish, since most of these firms refer to the fact that they speak Russian, Spanish, and/or French. They may have a separate website in Polish that tells you that a firm has Polish-speaking lawyers.

Ask an Interpreter for a Reference to a Polish-Speaking Lawyer

If you know an interpreter that speaks Polish, ask him or her to find you a lawyer that speaks your language. Be sure to tell the interpreter that you need a personal injury lawyer. Then call those lawyers to see if they can take your case and understand what you are saying. If they can converse fluently in Polish, you have found the right lawyer.

If you need to hire a personal injury lawyer that speaks Polish and works in Chicago, contact Shea Law Group on their website, to get an appointment.

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