Don’t Fight A DUI Alone — Hire a DUI Lawyer in Charles Town WV

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Law

Drivers are pulled over every day because a police officer suspects them of driving under the influence. You may even know other people who have been arrested for DUI. Some people are convicted of drunk driving and they face serious penalties, including suspension of their driving privileges, fines and time in jail. In West Virginia, you can be sentenced to six months in jail for a single DUI conviction. Penalties increase with each subsequent offense. Without a DUI lawyer in Charles Town, WV, it can be difficult to convince the judge that you do not deserve the harsh mandatory penalties that go along with a DUI charge.

It is important to hire a lawyer with experience fighting and winning DUI cases. The more litigation experience your attorney has had, the better prepared they’ll be to defend you at your trial. There are a number of ways a DUI lawyer can present your case to show the court that you should be found not guilty of the charges. Because DUI is a criminal offense, the state must prove you are guilty. Your lawyer’s job is to show that the evidence being used to prove your guilt is not sufficient under the law.

Your lawyer may file motions on your behalf and object to evidence presented by the state. Attorneys have experience in these legal processes that the average person does not have. Because it would take you years to acquire the knowledge an experienced DUI Lawyer in Charles Town WV already has, it makes sense to hire someone to fight your case for you. DUI attorneys know how to work within the system to get their clients acquitted of the charges against them.

Whether you were taken into custody at a DUI checkpoint or pulled over as you were on your way home from an event, your lawyer will carefully evaluate the circumstances and work hard to have your case dismissed so you can avoid the penalties that go along with a DUI conviction. Visit  to learn how hiring a lawyer can greatly increase the odds of beating your driving under the influence case.

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