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Do You Need Legal Help for Wrongful Death Claims in Lake City FL?

Wrongful death can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, the reason is negligence and sometimes it is caused by direct actions, such as an assault. When someone dies because of negligence or direct intent, the victim’s family has the right to seek compensation for damages. With this information, families can learn about the reasons they should seek legal help right away for wrongful death claims in Lake City, FL.

What Must Be Proven in a Wrongful Death Claim?

There are a few key areas that must be proven in any wrongful death claim. Being able to prove the following begins with the right level of evidence which is crucial for any wrongful death claim. If the following cannot be proven in court, it would be unlikely the family would be able to win their wrongful death claim.

  • The defendant must have owed a duty of care to the deceased. This is fairly easy to prove in court.
  • The defendant must have broken the duty of care. They must have acted outside of the norms and caused injury.
  • The broken duty of care must have directly led to the death of the deceased. This is when evidence becomes even more crucial.
  • The family must have suffered measurable damages as a result of the breach of duty of care.

Getting help for wrongful death claims in Lake City, FL is a must when it comes to seeking compensation. Knowing how the attorney will help will assist individuals in taking the right steps to get the legal help they need.

How Will the Attorney Help?

A wrongful death attorney will help their client in many different ways. They will first carefully carry out a thorough investigation to gather as much evidence as possible. As stated above, evidence is essential when it comes to proving liability in a wrongful death claim.

The attorney will actively pursue the responsible party and their insurance company. If a fair settlement is not offered, the family has the right to pursue a case in court. A court case can be pursued regardless of any criminal cases that may be opened or settled.

If you are dealing with a wrongful death claim, contact Duane E. Thomas Attorney at Law so they can schedule a consultation appointment for you.

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