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Different Kinds of Car Accident Injuries

Depending upon the location and type of impact an automobile sustains, car accident injuries may be mild and temporary, or severe and life-threatening. Also, it constantly affects which body parts might be hurt. For instance, head-on collisions usually will result in various kinds of injuries than passenger-side or driver-side impacts. Similarly, if a side impact occurs, the passengers and driver probably will be affected more seriously, or at least differently, if a crash site is on one part of the car vs. the other.

The speed an automobile is traveling at, during the time of impact, also may affect the severity of car accident injuries. For instance, if one vehicle isn’t moving at all and an additional car crashes into the rear of it when traveling 15 MPH, the passengers and driver of either vehicle probably will suffer minor repercussions. Whiplash, back or muscle pain, or even smashing into one’s face or head on the dashboard or steering wheel may lead to acute pain or some discomfort. However, usually, such a collision doesn’t cause ling-term, serious health consequences.

Alternatively, if an automobile traveling 40 miles per hour hits the same automobile, the result might be more severe — or even deadly. The extent and type of damage might depend upon the position of a resting vehicle, the point of impact and nearby structures. Serious injury to the face, brain trauma, back and neck injury, internal organs rupture, or even death might result.

Besides the kind of impact a driver, car, and its passengers sustain, many other factors might decide the extent of car accident injuries. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to an auto accident call Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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