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Choose a Reputable DWI Attorney in Mankato, MN

A 1st, 2nd or 3rd DWI charge requires the assistance of an experienced DWI attorney in Mankato, MN. Fighting the charges is important for a driver’s future criminal record, insurance rates and to reduce the chance of being placed if jail. There can be long-term impacts due to a conviction of a DWI conviction. It can affect personal liberties and employment. If the individual loses their license, they will not be able to take care of themselves or their family if they must drive back and forth to work or transport children to school.

Some individuals that are charged for the first time believe the court will be easier on their sentencing because they did not have any prior record. The only way to obtain the optimal results of a DWI charge is hiring an attorney with the experience that is needed. Every DWI case varies due to key elements such as the underlying facts of the case. The court will look at the underlying facts and past criminal history of the individual charged. Past DWI offenses will be reviewed. The field sobriety test results will be taken into account in court in negotiations between a DWI attorney in Mankato, MN and the prosecutor. The chemical, blood and breath test results will be discussed in combination with the field sobriety tests.
If an accident was involved, the location of the incident and if any other individuals were involved in the accident will be considered. Damage to someone’s property or injuries that occurred as result of a DWI accident will weigh into the decision of the penalty of the criminal charges. If the individual had previously had their license suspended or was driving while their license was suspended, this will also be involved in the decisions of the case. An attorney will represent an individual in the best light possible.

A DWI attorney knows the legislative cases in which to reference as part of a defense. They will use necessary professionals to prove the innocence of an individual. There will be times when a defense attorney will recommend negotiating a plea deal after reviewing the facts of the case. For more information on a DWI defense attorney, please feel free to visit

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