Before Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney in Valdosta

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Lawyers

The most important thing that a person needs to know when talking to a foreclosure attorney is that their only purpose is to help a person evaluate to go through their options when they are facing foreclosure. A foreclosure attorney is not a therapist or anything of that nature. It is a difficult thing to have to face, but an attorney is not there to discuss anything but the foreclosure itself.

For any person who is facing foreclosure, the first thing that they can do is get organized. A foreclosure attorney’s time is very valuable so if a person is more prepared beforehand then there is a greater chance of accomplishing more things during the visit to the attorney for a foreclosure in Valdosta.

To start with, a person can gather and organize all of their financial documents as well as all of their bills and monthly expenses. Any proof of income such as pay stubs or receipts from rental payments are also helpful. Now having everything on hand is not necessary on the first visit but it will certainly help to get more accomplished on that first visit.

Determining What a Person Wants

Once all of the documents have been gathered and organized the next thing that a person needs to do is come to the law firm for a foreclosure attorney Valdosta with an idea of what they wish to do whether it be a foreclosure, short sale, etc. Some people can simply not afford the home and there really is no alternative that could be offered that would make it affordable. In other situations, a person might be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments if the payment amounts were just a little lower.

If a lower monthly payment will help, then a person needs to have a general idea of what they would like to do from there. The good news is that there are actually a lot of different options available that are meant to help a person avoid foreclosure. This could include a loan modification, mortgage refinancing, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA), Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), etc. There are actually quite a few other options as well that can help a person avoid foreclosure on a home.

There are a lot of government supported options available when it comes to preventing foreclosures as well as a lot of options available from the mortgage companies and even third party lenders. The only thing a person has to do is be careful of who they are dealing with when it comes to choosing one of these options. That is yet another way in which a foreclosure attorney can help out a person or family.

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