A Lawyer Can Help in a Cruise-Related Personal Injury Case

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Lawyers

A passenger going on a cruise isn’t often prepared for accidents and health issues that can arise. These issues include, but aren’t limited to: food poisoning, slip-and-fall injuries, fires, drowning, sexual assault by crew members and passengers, medical malpractice and pneumonia. Read on to learn about the agreement between passengers and cruise lines, and about whether it’s possible to sue a cruise line in the event of a personal injury case.

When Can a Cruise Line Be Sued?
Because the cruise ticket represents a legal contract between the passenger and the cruise line, the passenger may be bound by conditions listed on supporting documents. Issues addressed in contracts can determine a passenger’s ability to sue a cruise line, and they include:

  • Whether there are jurisdictional or time limits on lawsuits
  • Whether disclaimers exist
  • Whether the passenger must notify the cruise line of their intent to sue

When Must a Suit Be Filed?
If a person is hurt while on a cruise, they only have a limited time during which they can sue; every jurisdiction has a statute of limitations that determines how long a victim can wait to file a claim. If the person is unsure if they’re still within the statute of limitations, a personal injury attorney can offer information on that topic and many others.

Suing a Cruise Line
Federal general maritime laws and other regulations apply in lawsuits against cruise lines: however, lines often require passengers to follow a set of rules when they buy tickets. The line may require that disputes be settled in a predetermined location, regardless of where the passenger lives or where the ticket was purchased.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney
Meeting with a lawyer and reviewing the cruise ticket as soon as possible can help a client determine the validity of their personal injury case. Personal injury attorneys can tell clients about their legal options, their chances of a successful recovery, and the best course of action to take. By hiring an attorney, the cruise-ship passenger can maximize their chances of a monetary recovery and they can protect their legal rights.

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