4 Ways to Build a Strong DWI Defense in Crowley, LA

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Legal Services

Facing DWI charges in the state of Louisiana doesn’t guarantee a conviction. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a suspect was under the influence and that they were operating a vehicle. Therefore, a strong DWI Defense in Crowley LA, such as one of those listed below, may be sufficient to prevent a conviction.

The Defendant Wasn’t In Control of the Vehicle

A person must be operating or driving a vehicle to be convicted. If they were intoxicated and sleeping, resting, or waiting for a ride with the keys in the ignition, there’s no proof of an offense. Let an attorney prove that key elements of the crime didn’t occur and the case should be dropped.

Insufficient Probable Cause for a Traffic Stop

For a DWI conviction, the police must show probable cause for making the traffic stop. A mere hunch isn’t enough, and such an arrest could be considered a serious violation of a person’s Constitutional rights. An officer must witness intoxication or a legal violation to initiate a stop.

A Police Officer’s Mistake

Local DWI defense lawyers evaluate cases daily, mapping out strategies for clients to prevail against the state. For instance, a Louisiana police officer cannot use an anonymous tip to pull someone over for DWI. Being detained for too long is another error to consider. Even a small mistake is a building block to a DWI Defense in Crowley LA.

Breathalyzer Errors

Breath test results are crucial to a DWI defense, as issues may arise that make those test results inadmissible in the courtroom. Certain medications may give skewed results, and machines aren’t always properly calibrated. Sometimes, police wait too long to give a breath test. A local defense attorney will examine a client’s breath test results and provide the strongest possible defense.

Contact an Attorney Today

Though these defenses might seem straightforward, only the most skilled attorneys know what evidence is needed to defend a case and help clients minimize the effects of a DWI conviction. Call Chris Richard Attorney to find out how a lawyer will review the case and determine the best way to protect a client’s rights. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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