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4 Signs You Were Illegally Fired

Getting fired from your job can feel like one of life’s most difficult experiences. But if the termination was illegal, then you may be able to sue to be reinstated or to recover money damages. There are about 150,000 people who are unlawfully terminated every year in the U.S. Here are a few signs to look for if you think you’re one of them.  

Contract violations  

Did your employer violate any written or implied promises? If your employer failed to follow any company policies on how the termination must be handled or didn’t give you enough warnings before you were fired, then you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. Talk to an attorney about wrongful termination in Ventura County, California to learn more about your options.  


If you think you were fired from your job because of your gender, sexual orientation, race or age, then you could be a victim of employee discrimination, CheatSheet says. Find out if that’s the case when you consult with an experienced wrongful termination attorney in Ventura County, California.  

Public policy violations  

If your employer gave you the ax because you took time off work to vote, serve in the military or perform jury duty, then they have likely violated both state and federal law. Similarly, you may not be fired because you refused your employer’s request to commit an illegal act.  


If your lawyer showed you the door because you filed a harassment complaint against someone in the company, like a senior officer, then you likely suffered a retaliatory action. While this may be difficult to prove, vigilance and documentation is a good first step. Hire legal help to find out the next steps in the process. With expert assistance, you can file a lawsuit and get the justice you deserve.

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