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3 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS About Your Privacy

When you are charged with a crime, your Criminal Lawyer in Wichita KS, is responsible for defending you in court. He or she is bound by law to protect your privacy, but you should know your rights as soon as you obtain representation.

1. Who should I talk to about my case?

While your Criminal Lawyer in Wichita KS, cannot betray your confidence, you have certain responsibilities as well. For example, if you tell someone else about your private discussions with your attorney, those details are no longer protected.

Ask your attorney whether you should talk about your case with your spouse, parents, children, other family members, or friends. In most cases, your lawyer will advise you against making any unnecessary disclosures.

2. Should I bring someone with me to meetings?

It is usually best to meet with your attorney alone. Otherwise, you risk waiving your privacy rights with regard to the subjects you discuss. This is because the attorney client privilege only protects communication between the client and the lawyer.

Your attorney will do his or her best to protect your privacy, but ask about your lawyer’s preferences for meetings. If your spouse has information that could be helpful in your case, for example, your attorney might want to meet with him or her to evaluate that information.

3. Do you want me to tell you the whole story?

When you tell your attorney the truth about a criminal act, you cannot later lie in court because you will commit perjury. To avoid this, ask your attorney in advance if he or she wants you to be forthcoming with all the information you know about your case.

Another way to handle this is to present a hypothetical situation. Ask your attorney what he or she would advise in that situation, then make your decisions from there. You shouldn’t lie to your attorney. He or she can only mount an effective defense if you have been truthful in your disclosures.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact Rocky Wiechman Law for a consultation about your case. Prepare any questions you have before the meeting so you don’t forget to ask them.



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