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Understanding How Surety Bonds in Kingston, NY Are Different

In New York, criminal defendants make arrangements with a bail bondsman when they want to get released from jail. The bail bondsman offers several different types of bonds that allow the defendant to get released before their court date. Among the products are surety bonds in Kingston, NY.

Paying the Complete Obligation

Essentially, the criminal defendant is responsible for paying the full bail. With a bail bond, the defendant pays a percentage of the bail, and the bail bondsman is financially obligated to pay the rest. By signing a surety bond, this isn’t the case. The defendant is responsible for all their bail.

Getting Out of Jail

The defendant pays a percentage to the bail bondsman to secure the bond initially, which is usually ten percent of the bail. By signing the documents, the bail bondsman is not obligated to manage any financial costs associated with the bail bond if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. The process involves a third party that is allowed to take legal action.

Taking Legal Action Against the Defendant

If a criminal defendant doesn’t appear in court, then the third party representing the bail bondsman starts collections through the court. Typically, they file a lawsuit to collect the remaining balance. The balance is the remainder of the defendant’s bail. If the debt isn’t paid off, then the third party can place a lien against the defendant’s assets.

What Is the Difference?

The difference is that the surety bond requires the full bail, and a bail bond requires a fee only. If the defendant gets a bail bond and doesn’t appear, then the bail bondsman pays the remainder of the bail to the court. The bail bondsman could not take legal action to collect any money from the defendant if a bail bond was issued.

In New York, criminal defendants approach a bail bondsman to get a bond to get out of county lockup. The type of bond issued to the defendant depends on what the bondsman offers. Most bail bondsmen offer bail bonds. However, due to the risk, select bondsmen restrict their products to surety bonds. Defendants who want to know more about surety bonds in Kingston, NY can visit website right now.

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