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Possible DUI Sentences and why Hiring a DUI Lawyer Cambridge, MD is Important

DUI charges are incredibly serious and impact a person’s life longer than the sentence they would be required to fulfil if they’re convicted. If a person is convicted, they may find it’s difficult to find a job or get a place to live because they now have a criminal record. No matter if it’s the person’s first DUI or fourth, the person faces jail time, fines, and more if they are convicted. A DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD, can help mitigate these sentences and help the person either avoid a conviction or receive the minimum sentence.

First Time with a DUI

The first time a person is convicted of a DUI, they face up to 6 months with a suspended license, 12 points on their license, fines of up to $1,000, and jail time of up to a year. They could end up having to pay more fines to have their license reinstated.

Second Time with a DUI

A second conviction means the person may lose their license for up to a year and may need to have an ignition interlock device installed when they are able to drive again. They’ll also face 12 points on their license, up to $2,000 in fines, mandatory jail time of between five days and two years, and have to participate in an alcohol abuse program.

Further Convictions or DUI with Injuries

Further convictions can mean higher sentences and a person may end up losing their license permanently if they have too many DUI convictions in a certain amount of time. Anyone who is convicted of a DUI with injuries faces higher sentences, even if it’s their first or second time being convicted of a DUI. The person can find out exactly what they’re facing, based on the number of prior convictions or the extent of any injuries, by speaking with a lawyer.

Anyone who is charged with a DUI needs to contact a DUI lawyer in Cambridge, MD as soon as possible. The lawyer can help them avoid a conviction where possible or receive a reduced sentence if they are convicted. A person can visit the website for a DUI lawyer to find out more about the lawyer and set up a consultation visit with them as soon as possible.

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