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Hiring a Child Visitation Lawyer in Commack, NY Can Prevent Costly Errors

A parent can make numerous mistakes when trying to modify a child visitation arrangement after the divorce is final. That’s why it’s helpful to hire a child visitation lawyer in Commack, NY to prevent those errors that can lead to any modification request being denied by a judge.

Typically, a visitation agreement modification proposes to allow the petitioner more time with the kids. This request occurs for various reasons. For example, perhaps the non-custodial parent has been able to change the work schedule to four days a week instead of five, leaving the possibility open for spending three-day weekends with the youngsters. A child visitation lawyer in Commack, NY can show the court why having that extra time for visitation is more beneficial for the children. The non-custodial parent often feels left out and not as close to the kids compared with the other parent. With extra days in the month for visitation, their relationship is strengthened, and the children get a better sense of having two parents instead of one parent and someone they visit now and then.

One error the non-custodial parent might make is to listen to what other parents say on Internet forums and base an entire court argument on that rationale. A second mistake would be to ignore court orders and to be less than vigilant about the current visitation agreement. A judge is less likely to grant extra visitation if the non-custodial parent occasionally misses dates with the children that were set up in the original agreement. A related issue would involve becoming belligerent with the other parent about wanting more visitation time instead of calmly bringing the matter before a judge.

Sometimes, the non-custodial parent sets up a casual arrangement with the other parent instead of having a legal document filed with the court. This works against the goal because the other parent can cancel that casual arrangement at any time with no repercussions. A better option is to have a firm such as Ronald S. Zimmer & Associates providing legal representation. Click here for further information about having parental privileges represented in court.

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