Common Carriers and Bus Accident Lawyers in Southern Maryland

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Accidents Law

Many people think all automobile accidents are the same. However, if one of the automobiles involved is a bus or other common carrier, then some special factors come into play. That is because common carrier law imposes different duties of care than other motor vehicle laws. Therefore, it can be important for someone injured by a bus accident to consult with bus accident lawyers in Southern Maryland.

What Is a Common Carrier?

A common carrier refers to transportation that is offered as part of a business. Some everyday examples of common carriers include buses, trains, airplanes, subways, boats, ferries, shuttles, and even taxis.

Who Owns Common Carriers?

Common carriers may be privately owned, owned by the government, or owned and operated by a combination of government and private companies or departments. There is no requirement of public ownership for a business to be considered a common carrier; the question is whether or not they operate transportation.

Which Laws Govern Common Carriers?

Common carriers are regulated by federal, state, and local laws. Which ones specifically impact a common carrier may depend on where the carrier does business, and if they regularly cross state-lines while transporting their customers.

What Duty Do Common Carriers Owe to Their Passengers?

While a driver of a non-commercial vehicle owes a duty of care to passengers, common carriers are expected to show a higher degree of care because their services are professional. This means that while most drivers are expected to show reasonable care, commercial drivers are expected to show a higher degree of care and vigilance.

Do Special Rules Apply to Bus Accidents?

Because many buses are run by government agencies, there may be special state or local rules that relate to filing a claim against these companies. Many of these rules include shortened statutes of limitation or other filing requirements that can limit a person’s ability to make a claim against the government agency.

Find Out More

Because special rules can apply in bus accidents, it is important to consult with bus accident lawyers in Southern Maryland who can advise people of their rights and let them know about any special deadlines. Contact Business Name for more information.

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